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This MF8 Teraminx Speed Cube is a fantastic teraminx. If you are looking to buy one, then this would be the right choice. A teraminx is a challenging puzzle cube. It has a higher level of complexity than the likes of a Rubik’s cube. This makes it a great puzzle to challenge your mind, and sharpen your intellectual acuity.


The quality of this teraminx cube is undeniable. It has a black background, and is extremely smooth and easy to turn, right from the moment you take it out of the box. You could get this cube for yourself, or for someone else as a gift. You could even buy one for your kids because this material is suitable for kids’ toys. However, the manufacturer recommends that this puzzle is most suitable for children aged 3 years and above.


The product dimensions are as follows: 5 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches, and the package weight is 1.65 pounds (approximately 0.75 kg). The origin of this teraminx is China. For more information, such as shipping policies and shipping rates, please follow the link below or further above. There, you could also find out about product warranty. The Amazon Standard Identification Number for this cube is B016MIFS46.


This Teraminx Speed Cube is a challenging, but fun way to pass time. Its quality will match any other. We highly recommend it for anyone. Please check it out below.



Beer Pong Life - Amazon