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These Stickerless Speed Cubes are phenomenal puzzle cubes for those interested in Rubik’s cubes and speedcubing. They provide a great way to increase the challenge of puzzle solving without losing the fun factor. Beginner and professionals would both enjoy what these cubes have to offer.


This puzzle cube has been designed to give the user optimal functionality and enjoyment. It has really good corner cutting. Unlike other speed cubes, this one does not lock up or corner twist. This allows you to have great control of the cube, and it provides it with a lot of stability. To add even more control, this cube has been made in a way that allows you to adjust the tension in it if you wish to. All of this implementations make this a very good speed cube that should guide you to being a great speed cuber.


Another great feature is the anti-pop technology. This adds toughness and durability that ensures that the cube will not get stuck as you speed your way to solving it. So please go ahead and speed as much as you want. Each cube is pre-lubricated to ensure smooth movement right out of the box. Its physical appearance is simple, but beautiful. It has six plastic colors on the six sides of the cube; stickers are never required.


This speed cube, as with many other puzzle cubes, is an excellent way to sharpen your mental sharpness and acuity. In addition to being a fun way to pass time, you could also have the benefit of whetting your mind in the process of solving the puzzle. This speed cube is perfect for you whether you simply need something to do in your spare time, or whether you want to get a toy for your child that can stimulate his/her mind.


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