Rubik's Cubes


These are 3 dimensional combination puzzles. They were invented in 1974, and have gone on to become one of the most popular puzzle cubes, and one of the best selling toys in the world. The main objective is to match the colors on the six surfaces of the cube. Accomplishing this requires a certain level of knowledge and skill, so expect to spend quite a bit of time playing with it. It may be challenging for most people, but it is certainly fun for all. Rubik's cubes have inspired the creation of other puzzle cubes such as the megaminx, petaminx, pyraminx, and teraminx. Have a look at the rubik's cubes below for some great ones you could get:

Durable Rubik's Cube

Durable Rubik's Cube - Rubik's Cubes - Puzzle Cubes World - Combination Puzzles

Turns quickly and precisely.

Extremely durable and it has vivid colors.

One of the best selling puzzle cubes.

Hasbro Rubik's Cube

Hasbro Rubik's Cube - Combination Puzzles - Puzzle Cubes World

Booklet with solution hints is included.

High quality puzzle cube.



Three Layer Rubik's Cube

Three Layer Rubik's Cube - Combination Puzzles - Puzzle Cubes World

It comes with a stand included.

High quality.

Suitable for young, old, beginner, or pro.

Rubik's Cube with Stand

Rubik's Cube with Stand - Combination Puzzles - Puzzle Cubes World

A display stand is included.

Great way to sharpen your mind.

One of the best sellers on Amazon.




Megaminx Speed Cube 2 - Combination Puzzles - Puzzle Cubes World

A megaminx is a 12 sided puzzle cube with 50 movable pieces. It is tough to solve, but fun. Test your skills and patience on one of these megaminx cubes.



A petaminx is a dodecahedron puzzle. It has 12 surfaces and 9 layers. Check out the different types of petaminx available.


Puzzle Cubes and Combination Puzzles - Dreampark Pyraminx - Puzzle Cubes World

This is a tetrahedron puzzle: it's a four sided 3x3x3 puzzle cube. It has 4 axial pieces, 6 edge pieces, and 4 trivial tips. It is possible to twist along the cuts. Lots of fun.


Teraminx 2 - Teraminx Cube - Puzzle Cubes World

A teraminx is a dodecahedron puzzle. It has 12 surfaces and 7 layers. It's similar to a megaminx, but it has more layers and presents more of a challenge. Check out the different types of teraminx available.

Speed Cubes

Speed Cubes - Puzzle Cubes and Combination Puzzles

If you love solving the Rubik's cube, but wish to solve it much faster, then a speed cube is what you need. This is essentially a Rubik's cube that has been designed for fast and smooth movement. Have a look at these speed cubes.

The Rubik's cubes shown above are of great quality, and we are certain you would enjoy owning and using them. So please make sure to check them out. As a token of our appreciation, here are some interesting links we put together for you:


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