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This MF8 Petaminx Puzzle Cube is as good as petaminx cubes get. It is high quality brilliance that you should absolutely look into getting. It is a black body puzzle cube with nine layers. This will provide you with a bit more of a challenge than other cubes you may be used to. However, it is a fun and worthwhile experience.


This cube has a beautiful design that anyone can appreciate. In addition to its appearance, the cube functions in an amazing manner. It is very smooth and easy to turn and twist. This smoothness is present right from the moment you get it out of the box. This means that you do not have to worry about lubricating the cube on arrival, or trying to adjust the cube in any way. Instead, you can begin enjoying what the cube has to offer right away.


This petaminx puzzle cube would make a great toy for kids to play with. It is a great way to let them have fun while also sharpening their mental faculties in the process. The material used to make this cube is safe for kids’ toys, so do not worry about that being a problem. This petaminx would be just as great for adults because of all the mental benefits that it provides. The portability of the cube is yet another positive. This allows you to take the cube anywhere you wish to.


This puzzle cube would make a great gift for kids, however, caution should be taken with kids younger than three years old. For users that young it may pose some choking hazards. The dimensions of this petaminx are as follows: 3.94 inches by 5.91 inches by 7.87 inches, and the weight is about 2.09 pounds (approximately 950 grams). For more information pertaining to shipping, please follow the link below.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon

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