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MoYu Speed Cubes are the perfect puzzle cube for speedcubers, or for people interested in learning the skill of cube solving. The quality is second to none, and this will quickly become apparent to you if you buy one. Speedcubing is a great way to challenge yourself to develop a higher level of skill, and this cube would guide you on that amazing journey.


This is the MoYu Guanlong YJ 8306 (3 by 3) speed cube. It is a stickerless cube with six solid colors on the surfaces. These colors are pink, white, green, sky blue, orange, and yellow. The movement of the cube is really good. This is in large part due to the “angle blocks splicing technology and groove design”. As a result of these design implementations and technology, the structure of the cube is very sound, and the cornering is fantastic. The center axis has also been designed for great durability. The cube is pre-lubricated to help ensure smoothness right out of the box. A user manual is included in the package. This can help provide needed help to beginners, as well as to more experienced speedcubers.


The product dimensions are as follows: 2.2 inches by 2.2 inches by 2.2 inches, and the shipping weight is about 2.4 ounces (approximately 68 grams). The Amazon Standard Identification Number is B01CCQWFRU. This speed cube is made using ABS material, which does not pose a threat to your health or the environment. On account of the small parts contained in the cube, the manufacturer’s recommended age of use is 6 months old and above.


MoYu Speed Cubes would be the right choice for you. They rank highly on Amazon’s list of best sellers (Toys & Games category), and the ratings and reviews from buyers are very positive. We are confident that you would agree with them. Please check it out below.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon

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