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This Shengshou Megaminx White cube is an amazing puzzle cube. If you are looking for a megaminx of great quality and low price (follow the link above for current price), then this is the one to go for.


This is the twelve color version megaminx, not the six color version. It also has a white body, and this adds to the appeal. The manufacturers of this cube made sure to design it in such a way that allows for speed solving. So if you are a speed cuber, you can expect great things from this megaminx cube because the pieces will not pop out when you take it up a notch in speed. It also cuts corners very well, which adds to the smooth feel of it as you use it. Its comfortable size and adjustable spring core allow for easy handling and manipulation of the cube. It will also stand the test of time, enabling you to enjoy having and playing with it for a while. Overall, this is a high quality puzzle, from which you would receive great value for your money and time.


If you would like to find out more useful information such as shipping policies, rates, and product warranties, please follow the link further above or below, and you will be directed to all this information and more. The Amazon Standard International Number for this cube is B01DYH0CD0.


This Megaminx White cube is an excellent product, and buyers are responding positively to it. On Amazon, it is ranking highly on the best sellers list. The customer reviews and ratings that it is receiving are extremely impressive. If you enjoy the mental challenge of solving a complex puzzle, then this megaminx cube is what you need. Please do check it out below to find out more and grab one for yourself or a friend!



Beer Pong Life - Amazon