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This is a Megaminx Magic Cube; a product of YKL World. It is a high quality puzzle cube that has a lot of value to offer you. Read more about it below to see if this is something you wish to buy.


This puzzle has a white body. For people who are interested in speedcubing and speed solving, this cube would be great for you because it is designed and manufactured with these feature in mind. It is made using original ABS material, which is not poisonous, so it is a harmless and an eco-friendly product. It has solid PVC stickers that will last a long while because the colors will not fade. However, try your best not to drop the cube often to ensure maximum longevity. The cube has also passed several different types of authoritative certifications. Hopefully all of this convinces you of the quality of this megaminx cube.


The design also helps to ensure the tightness of the cube, especially when cornering. The center axis has been improved to enhance durability and longevity. It is also well lubricated and adjusted before packaging so that you receive a fluid and smooth cube. Some cubes may have slightly excess lubrication; simply wipe this off when you receive it. Please note that it is not harmful to your health. If you are not satisfied with the adjustments made to your cube, you have the option to open the central piece and make the necessary alterations. The length of each edge is 9 cm (approximately 3.54 inches). The weight of the cube is about 182 grams (approximately 6.4 ounces). This product is suitable for users above the age of ten years old.


This Megaminx Magic Cube is a popular choice for a lot of people looking for a puzzle to challenge their mind in a fun way. This is evident in its ranking on Amazon’s best sellers list. It is doing particularly well among the items in the Toys & Games category. The high ratings and customer reviews further prove the popularity of this megaminx cube. Check it out below for more information, and to grab one for yourself.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon

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