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This is the ShengShou Megaminx Black Speed Cube Puzzle. As with many other puzzle cubes, the objective is to match the colors on respective sides of the cube. This is easier said than done because it has 12 surfaces. It also has 50 movable pieces, and more layers than some of the other puzzle cubes (like rubik’s cubes). So prepare yourself for something a bit more challenging with this one.


The body of this cube is black. This megaminx is the 12 color version, as opposed to the six color version. This allows for greater distinction when solving the cube. As mentioned before, it is a speed cube megaminx. So it is great for speed solving. It turns very well too. It is a beautifully designed and manufactured cube that is great to look at, and feels great in the hand. This cube has one of the best price to quality ratios because it is lowly priced, yet very good quality; click the link further above or below for the current price.


For more information pertaining to this product such as product warranty, shipping rates, policies, and more, please follow the link further above, or the one below. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for this megaminx is B01EYT8OPU.


We highly recommend this puzzle cube. It ranks highly among the best sellers on Amazon, and the customer reviews and ratings are very impressive. You would be in good company if you were to buy one for yourself or for someone else. With this ShengShou Megaminx Black Speed Cube, you will learn how frustration and fun blend into a magnificent sense of accomplishment.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon

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