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This is the Dayan Megaminx. It is a high quality puzzle cube that is a great pleasure to use and own. This is the twelve color version of this cube. It is also stickerless, which means you do not have to worry about stickers falling off or deteriorating. When making the cube, the manufacturers designed and built it to allow the user to speed solve. This is great for people who not only wish to solve it, but to solve it as quickly as possible.


The objective of such a puzzle is simple, mix up the pieces on the cube, then match the colors on each surface of the puzzle cube. The objective is simple, but not easy. However, going through the effort of solving it will be a fun and rewarding experience. The simplicity of such a cube makes it great for anyone who is willing to learn how to solve it.


The dimensions of this product are as follows: 3.8 inches by 3.8 inches by 3.8 inches (approximately 9.6 cm for each edge), and it has a weight of about 5.9 ounces (approximately 167 grams). The Amazon Standard International Number is B00ADZMXJ8. The origin of this cube is China, and its model number is DY Meg. If you would like to find out more information pertaining to shipping rates, policies, and product warranty, then please follow the link further above or below. There you will find out a lot more about this megaminx cube.


It is no surprise that this Dayan Megaminx is among the best sellers list on Amazon. More specifically, it is one of the best-selling items in the Toys & Games category. In addition to this accomplishment, it also receives fantastic customer reviews and ratings. This just proves how good these puzzle cubes are, so please make sure to check them out below.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon