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These Cyclone Boys Speed Cubes (by D-FantiX) are authentic 3x3 stickerless speed cubes. One of the strengths of these cubes is the corner cutting, which is very good. It is also possible to adjust the tension of the cube. The quality is top notch, so you can expect these cubes to turn smoothly and easily. They do not lock up or corner twist. They also do not pop. All of this allows for great control and stability of the cube.


Each length of these speed cubes is 56 mm (which is about 2.2 inches), and it weighs about 100g (approximately 3.5 ounces). With these cubes, you will never need stickers. The speed cubes are made using ABS material, which is environment friendly, non-toxic, and lightweight. It will cause no harm to you or the environment. An extra D-FantiX tripod stand is included. On this stand, you will be able to display your cube in all its splendor for all to see.


These speed cubes are great for professionals and beginners alike. Professionals can use them to hone their skills, and beginners can use them as an introduction to the exciting world of speed cubing. They can also be used for leisure and fun. In addition to being fun, they can help boost your mental sharpness and memory. These cubes would be perfect for anyone. So you could gift them to any friend or relative. They are also suited for kids just as much as they are for adults. However, the recommended age of use is 6 years old and above.


The supplier of these speed cubes, D-FantiX, is offering a 100% money back guarantee. This shows how much they believe in the quality of the product. High quality, authenticity, stability, and value are what they strive to provide customers with the puzzle cubes. The value of the cubes is a lot more pronounced when you take into account the competitive pricing (click the link further above or below for the current price).


These Cyclone Boys Speed Cubes are loved by current owners of them. This is evident in the high ranking on the Best Sellers list in Amazon’s category for ‘Toys & Games’. The ratings and reviews also demonstrate how pleased people are with these cubes. Feel free to check all this out below.


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